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Some recent news and response we've received.

'The guitars of Kim Lissarrague are a fulfillment. The basses are powerful, the trebles are radiantly beautiful, the transparency is perfect. The whole is connected with the most beautiful wood and with an exceptional craftsmanship.'
Friedemann Wuttke
Germany 2017
'When I was in Australia in 2005, I was looking for a guitar which was 'Australian' in power but at the same time 'traditional' in transparency. And I found that in Kim's guitar! The bass notes are clear and the trebles are singing. Since I bought this instrument I have used it for many concerts. And now I can play also chamber music without having to amplify.'
Izhar Elias
'My Lissarrague is the guitar I have been waiting for.'
'Tonally it is warm with the perfect balance of treble and clarity, and is even across the range of the instrument... It has plenty of volume available to compete within chamber groups. It records well- The Neck is extremely comfortable for ease of playing and the instrument is beautifully finished!'
Steve Allen
' ... it sings like no guitar I've ever played ... it has a 'sound' and character which is very inviting to play ... it has such a powerful sound that you don't need to 'work' to keep your level up to other instruments'
Michiel Hollanders
A youtube review of a Kim Lissarague guitar.

'I am definitely the world's worst classical guitarist, think Spinal Sink rather than Spinal Tap, so when I commissioned Kim to make this incredible instrument I wanted a money back guarantee I would play at least 50% better - so far (4 years) the refund has been unnecessary.'
Adam Rish

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